We went everyone on black friday looking for an air purifier

Every year my sister and I go Black Friday shopping together.

It’s a lot of fun to go to the mall and all of the department stores.

There is always a great sale where we can get something for free. This year for black Friday, we had something specific in mind. My sister really wanted to buy an air purifier for her house. She was looking for a portable whole home air purifier and they aren’t easy to find. They are also pretty expensive. I honestly didn’t think that we were going to find a whole home air purifier on sale for Black friday. While we were in the mall, we saw a lot of different kiosks. Many of those kiosks had Christmas related items, but a couple of the places had items like hair care products, bamboo towels, and photography packages. There were also a couple of kiosks set up for vendors. One guy was there with seamless gutters and another person was there to sell the type of bathtubs that are inserts for people that are old. I was surprised that there was a kiosk with a person that was selling indoor air cleaning machines. This guy was really slick. As soon as my sister seemed the smallest amount of interest in the air purifier, the guy jumped on her and gave her the hard sell. I tried to get my sister to leave the booth before she made a huge purchase, but she decided to buy the indoor air cleaning machine without giving it a second thought.


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