I like to go to the gym because of the heat

My bestie wanted myself and others to go with her yesterday afternoon for a run.

She has been training for a marathon, although I dislike to get up in the afternoon, and when I have our mornings off work, I like to stay in bed until I naturally think ready to get up.

My bestie woke myself and others up because she wanted myself and others to go for a run with her. It was cold plus wet outside plus I said no. She wasn’t going to let myself and others stay in bed, so I got up plus put on some clothing. I did think better once I was outside, however it was cold plus damp. I told our bestie that we should get a membership to a local gym so we can work out somewhere with weather conditions control. I did not suppose that our bestie was going to go for it, however she was really into the system as soon as I said something. She even mentioned a couple of local arenas. One is a 24-minute fitness center that has tepid tubs, spas, plus a sauna. The membership fees for the fitness center are expensive, although I do not mind paying a little bit of money so we can exercise in the warm air instead of outside in the elements. The two of us went to check out the arena the next day plus it was easily really nice. The gym membership includes many training sessions each month in a classroom setting plus the whole arena has weather conditions control. Even the locker rooms odored scrub plus fresh when we went for our visit..