Being present in the moment saved me on HVAC repair

When it comes to really soaking up the moments of life, I was woefully bad at doing that with any sort of consistency. I might pay attention when something is pointed out. But mainly I was always moving toward what was coming next. For a while, I figured it was all the time I spent inside the zone controlled HVAC of my office. This is what was making me not live in the moment. While all those hours inside the commercial HVAC of that office didn’t help, there was more to it than that. Too often I was agreeing to do things and wound up with too much on my plate. It was clear I needed to slow down. Thanks to the pandemic, that’s exactly what I did. For sure, my life instantly hit the brakes. When I was at home I was working inside my air conditioning because that’s all I could do at the time. The first few weeks of working inside the central air conditioning of my home were crazy. The kids were also home and my wife was trying to supervise them while she was trying to work too. Soon though, I got the hang of working in my own HVAC cooling that summer. And soon, I realized that I really like having time to just sit. Simply watching one of my kids or maybe just sitting still and listening to music was really essential. I realized that living in the moment was going to be the priority for me going forward. Turns out I ended up saving myself a bundle when it came to HVAC repair as well by being in the moment. I caught a weird sound coming from the HVAC unit and called the HVAC company right away. That move ended up saving me a bunch of money.

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