Winterizing a home for HVAC efficiency

That requires plenty of jobs to provide all of that firewood

While I’ve never lived down south, I’ve tripped a few times for sure. Boy, if I could substitute their Wintertide for ours, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Last time both of us were trapped in the South was in January plus the dang heat pump did not even come on the whole time both of us were there; however, and this was in a rental house… However, the weather is just spectacular down there in the Wintertime, but both of us care about a chop from all the heating or what the gas oil furnace has to do for each winner by going to see the south… But it is nice to visit there, as it’s not where both of us want to live as both of us are from the north… However, I also believe all the heating plus A/C cooling would get on our nerves after a while! Up here, it’s all about superb heating plus preparing for the winner each fall, of course, I have the heating plus A/C professionals come out to take care of the heating plus A/C component every fall. To do otherwise would be stupid. The heating plus A/C supplier does a fantastic task of preparing the gas oil furnace for the load it then faces when the temperatures fall. It’s nice to suppose that the gas oil furnace will run efficiently plus reliably throughout our long freezing winter. But there is a lot more to Wintertide prep than just the heating maintenance from the heating plus A/C company. There’s also a wood stove that works as a secondary heat source plus emergency heating if both of us need it. That requires plenty of jobs to provide all of that firewood. I also spend the fall making sure the house is sealed up slim in order to maximize the heating efficiency of the gas or oil furnace.

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