My partner wants an air conditioner

It still catches myself and others off guard when I think about how long we’ve lived on this site.

It’s been going on for forty years and all of us still love it.

See, I have typically kept it easy. That is the way all of us love to live, however I worked the same job for 40 years and I am recently retired… Then as part of my retirement gift my partner was adding a central a/c to our home, but of course he said it from me, even though I think it’s for her; and for the last few years he has been complaining about the heat of summer. The window air conditioner that I traditionally put in the dining room each summer time just wasn’t getting it done for her. Personally, I have never felt the need for a/c, but all of us live just about as far north as you can and still be inside this country, so when it comes to heating and A/C, it’s all about the heating where all of us live. I could care less about a/c because the summer time is generally so pleasant here. And if there is a tepid streak, I was fantastic with the old air conditioner in the window; however, I have to confess that this current central cooling system is absolutely quite pleasant. It’s so nice to kneel inside and have the temperature be so cool and crisp. And of course, I want to make my partner cheerful and he likes to be able to have heating and A/C cooling without a window air conditioner. Really, for as long as I live, I’ll do just about anything to make that dear guy cheerful. So if he wants central a/c, so be it.