My buddies saved myself and others an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance call

I was a little bit stunned when I saw a important amount of water on the floor when I went to do some laundry in the basement; At first I thought somehow the washing equipment was leaking water, however the water wasn’t coming from there, and then I thought maybe I had a leaking pipe somewhere down there, however there were no leaking pipes.

The water was actually leaking from the Heating and Air Conditioning unit itself, and it scared myself and others because I had no clue what was wrong; My first thought was to call an Heating and Air Conditioning professional, however instead I got on the iPhone with some friends, and everybody told myself and others that the problem wasn’t even that giant of a deal.

They said it sounded enjoy our condensate line was congested up because that’s usually why water leaks when your AC program is running. They told myself and others to simply take our shop-vac and wrap a wet rag around the condensate hose to get a good seal and suck out all the dirt and debris, sure enough, that did the trick! Once the drain was no longer congested, the pump had no issue with pumping the water where it belongs, in the drain! When I told our buddies that their solution to our problem worked, they laughed and said they saved myself and others a good $100 at least. They said some companies would charge up to $500 to cover a “repair” enjoy that if it were a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning system. A friend was saying how that happened at his last job and the boss was so miserable when he discovered what the actual problem was.

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