I still can’t guess what happened to me the other day

I really hate it when people take luck of others.

The other day when I got into a cab, the driver was so nice and helped me take care of all our bags.

Then, he saw this aged guy struggling, and he even helped his to go across the street… I was thinking that this guy deserved a big tip. I even expected him to ask me what temperature control settings I wanted, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the cab driver who hopped in the driver’s seat. It was some carjacker who started speeding off with me in the car! I yelled at the guy and told him he better stop the car. Well, when he heard that I was getting on the cellphone with the police, that’s when he jumped out of the car, while it was moving with me in the back! I didn’t guess what to do, I was just kind of stuck back there and there was a separator blocking the back from the front, so there was no way I could steer the car. The cab ended up crashing into a tree, however at least it didn’t hit anybody or their vehicles. I had our seatbelt on and braced myself with our bags in front of me, so I had some cushion before the impact. I ended up telling the police everything that happened and gave a description of the carjacker. The cab driver kept asking me if I was okay, however I was just thankful the situation wasn’t any worse. The cab driver even gave me money to pay for our ride home. I tried to refuse, although he insisted. What a nice guy. The temperature control settings in the cab back cabin weren’t all that great to be honest, however I was thrilled when I was cabin and I could crank the a/c.


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