It can be pretty tough being married to an HVAC expert

Sometimes when you are married to a Heating and A/C machine specialist, it can be pretty hard.

They have a tendency to have particularly weird schedules sometimes, but their schedules consistently depend on holidays and the weather, it seems.

As an example, when the weather is particularly hot, they end up getting a great deal of calls for air conditioner machine repairs! It’s just one of those things that you have to learn to deal with whenever you are married to a Heating and A/C machine specialist. At the time we first got married, his schedule wasn’t nearly as deranged as it is now. Back then, he was still in the training process of his professions, but he had just recently finished his Heating and A/C machine certification courses, and so he did not have a respected schedule yet at the Heating and A/C machine supplier that he had gone to task for. They were pretty much letting him come in at bizarre hours so that he could go and learn on bizarre work assignments from bizarre Heating and A/C specialists. That way he would be covered and he would learn how to do everything from air conditioner machine repairs to gas furnace replacements to ventilation system cleaning. It made sense for them to do it that way when he was first getting started, despite the fact that I was under the impression that his schedule was going to be that way all the time. Of course, that did not turn out to be the case. These afternoons, he works unusual shifts and he hardly ever gets to choose when he is going to work. They assign him the shifts, and he has to just take them and deal with it for the most part. That can make things relatively stressful around our property because we have three little ones that we have to run around all the time and I need help sometimes.

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