My sister seems to think she is the smartest person around

My older sister Sandra literally thinks that she is the smartest lady alive.

I was hoping that she would grow out of this once we both became a little bit older, however she hasn’t.

She used to consistently brag about everything back when we were kids, plus these mornings she is still doing the same thing. She used to brag about what a superb baseball player she was, however these mornings she is bragging about her job as a commercial HVAC device specialist. According to her, nobody else on earth knows as much about heating plus cooling as she does. I keep telling her that she comes off to people as a real know-it-all plus that nobody wants to be around her most of the time. She does not believe me. She entirely has the audacity to say that I’m just jealous of her. At this point I have basically just given up trying to deliver her any advice on societal norms because she just does not get it. She literally drives me off the wall sporadically, but now, if you are someone who needs a commercial HVAC specialist, I would propose Sandra to you. She entirely is superb at her job, plus I suppose she entirely does know what she is doing for the most part. She is constantly taking classes to improve her comprehension plus she does a pretty good job. However, if you are just looking for a woman to hang out with, stay far away from Sandra! She is so aggravating that you will want to stick your fingers in your ears plus run far, far away from her. In other words, only hire her to toil on your HVAC device, and don’t ever try to be friends with her.

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