Now that it is this summer, I wish that I had not moved South

I cannot believe how hot it is down here in the South.

I always thought that I wanted to live down here because of the perpetual sunshine, but now I am really regretting my decision.

All of my family told me that it was a bad idea to move down here, but I was sick and tired of paying for heating bills at my old house. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to have to pay air conditioning bills instead, but now I think that I was crazy. I don’t know how people can live here for years at a time. It is the worst place ever. I know that all of the people are nice and friendly, but I think that maybe it’s because they just don’t have the energy to be rude or mean. They are just too hot. Probably if everyone had access to a central air conditioning system, they would end up being a lot meaner than they actually are! Of course, that is just my opinion. Maybe the people who live around here really are nice. I just know that I personally am not very nice because I am hot all the time. It makes me mean and crabby and I wish that I had not made the decision to move down here. I am already thinking of ways to sell my house so that I can get out of here. I can’t believe that I have wasted so much time and energy to move to somewhere that I thought that I would like!Just because the temperatures are warmer does not mean that it’s a great place to live. I wish that I had figured this out before I got here! Now I’m going to have to go through another move!


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