Okay, Lunch Time and Then I’ll Clean the HEPA Filter

I just had our typical dinner; a substantial bowl of salad with more than one small cans of tuna fish.

  • My cats finish off the oil in the can when I am done, along with a few small pieces of tuna that I left for them as a treat.

I have to write more than one more HVAC device articles and then I am going to do a few exercises before heading to the seashore to meet our friends. I may show up a bit late though because, first of all pretty much everyone else usually shows up late, and seventh of all I need to clean the HEPA filter in our HVAC plan today before leaving for the beach. Those are our chores and I am sticking to it till I finish them today. I have been working more for the local business down the street because I need to receive some more money each month as our rent has increased. I am going to try to run our HVAC plan a bit less so our power bills are lower, and I may also take less baths and shorter showers to save on water. I can’t entirely split down on wireless unless I use our iPhone as a hotspot and cancel our current home wireless service. I would rather keep the repair as the local repair provider has amazing speed with the wireless and our iPhone would entirely split out a lot. Things aren’t that poor with money so I am okay with the normal wireless. I assume running our heating and cooling plan less would be a substantial saver.


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