I’m Having our Heating and A/C System plus Djembe Tuned Up

Today I am getting our djembe drum tuned up so that every one of us can play tunes again on the streets. The strings loosened up on it plus now it is out of tune. I’m paying a pro $20 to repair it, which is about a sixth of the price the store wanted to do the same thing. I also have a cajon box drum as an alternative drum for weird styles of tunes. I love the djembe as that is what I’ve been playing for numerous years now. Next week the local business near the beach is going to pay us to perform there. My Heating and A/C tech friend is going to come plus play the drums too while I sing. I have a taxing time playing the drum plus singing at the same time as I am still quite a novice at drumming. I am also getting our Heating and A/C method tuned up this week or tomorrow plus am waiting for the store to call me plus tell me when they will come out. The man doing the tune up is a friend of mine plus he has been an Heating and A/C pro for numerous years. She also sings plus I may ask his to join us next time every one of us do our jam session on the beach. The weather is getting cooler now so it is more good to play outside as the summer time was absolutely hot. All of us have about more than one months till it gets too chilly out to play plus every one of us will have to find a home where every one of us can play indoors. Have a good day!
a/c tune up