It’s Almost Time for our Tuna Salad with Rice

I am going to write 5 more Heating and A/C articles this week plus call it a day. I have a jam session with our tunesian friends this week plus I want to prepare for it soon. I’m a bit behind this week as I was hunting around town for spices to make our homemade supper saUSge. I will make the patties tomorrow for supper when I make our eggs. The local business where I bought the spices told me that they are looking to put in an Heating and A/C method plus I told them that I am in the business. I am going to talk to the Heating and A/C rep friend of mine so he can go out there plus supply them an estimate. It is a small store so I don’t suppose it will be that giant of a deal when it comes down to the cost of everything. They can absolutely just install a mini split air conditioner for the whole locale plus be done with it. I bet the store is less than 300 square feet plus the ceilings are also pretty low so that is even less section to heat or cool. The locale is also well insulated with other suppliers on either side plus an home above. I suppose they could get the whole Heating and A/C method installed for less than $1000, which also would include the price of labor. I may even help install it plus maybe get some free spices for doing so. It’s regularly good to help people though, just to be kind, separate from expecting anything in return. See ya.



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