Are You Following Your Dream? Why Not?

I just thought of how I used to run my local supplier doing Heating and Air Conditioning repairs.

I started the supplier when I was 32 years old and was entirely happy to go on my own and escape the shackles of the corporate engineering world.

I did engineering for 7 years before deciding that I could not take it anymore and so I left. At the time I was starting my Heating and Air Conditioning supplier however it wasn’t making that much money so I had to kick it in high gear because my engineering money stopped coming in. I displayed in the paper for my Heating and Air Conditioning services and soon the phone began to ring. It wasn’t long after that I was booked with Heating and Air Conditioning upgrades for weeks ahead of time. My supplier ran wonderful for 10 years before quitting that venture and chasing the stand up comedy dream. I still did some heating and cooling repairs while doing comedy, to make some side cash, however I only did it now and then when I was low on money. Comedy lasted about 15 years before switching to a career in music. I now play drums and sing in a band around neighborhood in the local companies and pubs. It seems like I get bored with something and need a change, which is wonderful because it allows me to experience multiple different pursuits in my life. I may even get a job in this neighborhood overseas laboring for the heating corporation this Wintertide while I play music and practice the drums. Life is full of opportunities and don’t be afraid to fail.
cooling workman