Being a full-time musician is my dream

I just bought another mic for my sound system to do shows out on the streets.

  • I recognize if I keep practicing I can have a show that is capable of generating enough money each month to pay my rent.

If I played numerous times a month and can make $50 each time then that would pay my rent as I now have a roommate and my rent has been split in half. I found a truly cool guy to rent my room and he even owns a local contractor which sells musical equipment. He is a musician himself and enjoys playing in clubs around the whole country and makes a pretty fine living from it. I would like to do that in the future and cut back on my hours working for the local company. I just need to get a little better with my musical talent and it should all work great. I will keep working at the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine business for now, doing tasks like air conditioning maintenance and heat pump installs. I like working there because it allows me to utilize my skills in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine field which my dad taught me some time ago. I recognize I could be excellent enough with the drumming in two years to where I could play in clubs and fully dedicate my life to playing music. I really appreciate playing the drums and it is even more thrilling when I can play inside an air conditioned environment in the warm season instead of on the streets like I have been doing. It can get really sizzling out there honestly.

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