The heat is killing everything

For the past 6 months I’ve been saving money to move to a modern town.

I’m so tired of living where I’m at right now.

It is warm all the time. I’m talking 24/7 heat… Even the Wintertide is here and it’s getting in the 60s at the lowest. I just don’t know how my phone, where I can take it, the heat is killing everything. Just Last month there was somebody that died from a heat stroke on the news. While this does not affect myself and others personally, in my opinion this just goes to show how terrible the heat is! However it isn’tjust that, I have a beautiful garden that I left to tend to. I’ve consistently had a bit of a orange thumb and I appreciate growing plants and being responsible for where my own food comes from. I suppose it’s not only much more ethical, however much healthier too because if it’s homegrown it’s going to be chemical free. Unfortunately, my garden which was previously thriving is now dying. It is dying because of this darn heat, then nothing can rest the heat and my plants are withering away. I dislike to see all my taxing work going down the drain. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the 1 and only thing that is keeping myself from cooking in the sun is my cooling system. A beautiful high tech cooling component that I have had for three years now… Guess what the heat is killing now? If you guessed my cooling system, you guessed officially. The summer time heat this month completely destroyed my cooling system. The amount of repairs I had to spend my savings to have it fixed was ridiculous. Even the heating and cooling worker said that the heat is splitting the lifespan of all the cooling systems in half. No amount of tune-ups or updates is going to repair this. It’s just too hot. I cannot wait to leave.



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