Moving somewhere warmer

While I know that there are some people in the United States that live in a terribly hot climate, at least people normally can’t wait to leave these hot climates as soon as possible, I have the exact opposite problem.

I would love to have a little bit of heat, because where I live it’s cold all year round. We have maybe 3 weeks of the summer time to wear the temperatures to rise to the 80s, and then after that it’s all cold again. I have been saving up money to move somewhere colder because I’m tired of worrying about freezing all the time. Entirely reliant on my gas furnace which is the only thing that can reliably get me through the winter. If my gas furnace was supposed to die in the middle of the winter I don’t know what I’d do. I know I wouldn’t be able to stay at my house that’s for sure and I’d have to call emergency HVAC services to have them come out and repair it. If you don’t know, emergency HVAC services aren’t cheap and so I tried to do my best to avoid the situation from happening forever by having my furnace serviced and tuned up every 6 months. I would much prefer to live in a neutral climate. Moving into a neutral climate is exactly what I’m going to do, I just need a little bit more time to get money saved up and then I’m going to start looking for places. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to be moving yet but I know it’s not going to be anywhere close to here. On the bright side, I do have a backup in the worst case scenario. A small space heater that I can use in case my furnace dies, but still I’d rather not have to deal with the cold at all.



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