How to suppose when your air ducts need to be sealed

My brother is an a/c serviceman and is typically trying to supply us educational webinars to make sure that our HVACs are well serviced.

I greatly take the advice because I truly don’t suppose the first thing about a/c, so I trust his advice.

He’s been talking to us about keeping our air ducts serviced lately. My aunt mentioned that he thought his air ducts needed to be sealed, but blatantly his heating ducts just had a connection issue. It’s regular to mistake needing to seal air ducts when there is something going on with the connection instead. The most regular way to suppose if your air ducts need to be sealed is if you are experiencing a leak. My brother said every one of us should feel for leaks with the a/c running, and then turn it completely off and check again. He put us on a video call so that he could supply us a visual demonstration of how to check air ducts for leaks which was super helpful. I told him that he should start doing workshops or even online videos of regular a/c and heating issues because he is actually affectionate about it and truthfully superb at explaining it. I am a tploy command for people pursuing their passions for teaching other people if they are gifted enough to hold that energy. Not almost everyone is a natural born instructor, so I typically admire when it comes naturally to people. I wish I was a natural born instructor, even though I truthfully do not like talking in front of people because I’m so shy.

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