How to seal HVAC duct separate from professional help

Contrary to belief, you can actually seal your air ducts separate from professional help.

My husbandy who is an a/c serviceman would truly drop kick myself and others if he knew I was saying this, but I’ve seen him seal ducts so several times that I could truly do it in my sleep. The first thing you want to do is run the a/c and inspect the air ducts to find where the leaks are. To find a thermal leak you can run your hands along the duct, or you could listen for air pressure and perhaps whistling noises. Once you find the leak, hold the air duct in place and apply a sealant mask over it. It will take the sealant several times to dry, and that will depend on the type of sealant you get. Once it dries, the leak should be sealed and you shouldn’t have much troubles with the air duct anymore. Maybe I am oversimplifying the process, but this is exactly what my husbandy does whenever I see him service air ducts. Some people suppose it’s unusual that I acbusiness my husbandy to work, even though I have a actually adjustable task and I miss him so much that I don’t mind doing it. I’ve l earned a lot about what he does too. I’m able to toil in the car by using my hotspot for my computer, so every one of us both toil while every one of us get to spend a little bit of time together, however because I have a child and every one of us don’t live together, it can be taxing to see each other outside of toil periodically.



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