Why you should change the filters of your media air cleaner

I labor at a pilates studio and ever since the pandemic every one of us have become obsessed with our air filters.

  • Because every one of us are doing exercise and need respiratory systems to be nice and strong, every one of us use HEPA filters in our media air cleaners to make sure the air is of high quality.

The people I was with and I have media air cleaners in every single room of the studio and even more than one media air cleaner in some rooms. They are not all the same brand media air cleaner so occasionally it gets aggravating having to order different filters for them, however they all serve a purpose! You should be changing the air filters inside of the media air cleaners so that they don’t get congested and leave you with the inability for the air to be respectfully filtered. Depending on the media air cleaner and its United Statesge, you should be able to update the air filter once every couple of weeks. The people I was with and I change the air filters every more than five weeks and that seems to labor well for our studio. There are more than 2 different cleaning duties every one of us have in the studio, but I don’t mind doing them at all. I love cleaning! And I know that our customers love to walk into a bright and clean studio, so I don’t mind doing the extra labor to keep it clean. I keep our apartment entirely clean because I prefer an open environment that facilitates healthy internal dialogue. A dirty or messy environment tends to breed chaotic and messy thinking. I prefer to keep a clear space for a clear mind, and that has worked entirely well for me in our life.



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