Old air ducts can make a house sound haunted

If you are a homeowner, you should know that air ducts should be replaced between fifteen and twenty years.

Once your air ducts start to reach the later end of their lifetime, you will know it before you even check the calendar.

Old air ducts sound incredibly haunted and can make it feel like ghosts are living in your walls. My youngest daughter was terrified for weeks when our air ducts started to crap out on us because it basically shook the walls when the HVAC would turn on. We started to make up bedtime horror stories about the ghost that lived in our HVAC and how it was speaking to us through the air ducts. My husband and I thought it would be helpful to personify the air duct to make it seem less scary, but my daughter didn’t really agree with it. I think it made her fear the air ducts even more. I’m happy that we were finally able to replace the ducts and get a quiet and clean system in the home again. It’s made such a difference for the overall peace of the house. I didn’t realize how noisy it was and how much stress it was bringing the entire family at all hours of the day. I’m really learning to become aware of how different things contribute to my stress throughout the day, and am starting to make changes to help me feel better. My mental health really hit a steep point last year, so I’m trying to take care of myself more often for myself, my husband, and my kids. I know that I have to be my best for myself in order to be myself for others!


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