Heated floor repairs can be costly

My best friend had heated floors installed in her home recently and she has been raving on and on about them ever since.

I don’t have heated floors so I’m not sure what is so amazing about them, but apparently it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I’ve started doing a little bit of research on heated floors just so I can get a basic understanding of how they work, and they sound really interesting! However, I don’t love how costly it can be to repair if the hydronic heater somehow broke down. Since the piping is installed under the floors, you have to lift up the flooring to repair the heater which can be inconvenient and expensive. Not to mention that you can’t just do that on your own, so you have to hire professional heating technicians to fix something like that. I think I’ll stick with my central heater for now because at least I know that I can afford to fix it when something goes wrong. I hate having to be so frugal with my money all of the time. I have friends that invest in really cool things because they are able to afford the upkeep of them, and I wish I was at that place. I know that it will happen for me one day, but sometimes it feels like everyone is always two steps ahead of me. I’m really manifesting that a change is going to come into my life soon so that I can have all of the things that I desire. I think I deserve it!


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