Environmental solutions for using oil furnaces

My environmental study group meets twice a week to discuss hot topics about the environment.

  • Last week we talked about the oil that is leaking into the ocean, and the week before that we discussed the harmful use of hairspray.

This week we are starting to talk about air conditioners and heaters. Talking about heating systems can be a little boring, but almost every household in the area we live in uses some type of heating system, so we should definitely be considering the environmental impact. We started talking about oil furnaces and the impact they have on the environment. Waste oil furnaces are actually great for the environment because you recycle your oil in an environmentally friendly way rather than secreting the oil out into the environment. Through this process you actually use the oil from the oil furnaces as a new source of energy to fuel other things. This was actually pretty shocking to me because whenever I would hear the words oil furnaces, I just immediately assumed it was something negative because oil tends to have a bad reputation. However, not a high percentage of homes in our areas use waste oil furnaces, so we are hoping to make some sort of proposal to the city council to encourage homeowners to switch their heating systems to this environmentally friendly option. I don’t really know what the process of this proposal will look like since it’s our first time we will be doing it. We feel really passionate about this topic and think it could make a big difference for both the environment and our community.

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