Energy efficiency has much to do with you

While there are HVAC system models that boast the ability to be more energy efficient than others, the truth is that energy efficiency has a lot more to do with what you choose to do as a homeowner more than anything else.

After all, how often did you hear your parents complain when you left the front or back door open, saying that they don’t cool or heat the entire neighborhood? You might have rolled your eyes as a kid, but that really does cost money! It can take less than an entire window or door remaining open while the heat or air conditioner is on to cause the system to work much harder than it should need to.

Sometimes, your home just may need weatherproofing. Doorways and windows may not be sealed properly, and they may have fissures and cracks that are allowing precious climate-controlled air to escape. If your thermostat doesn’t think that the room is at the proper temperature, it’s going to cause the system to continue to work hard. The more weather-proof your house is, the faster the room gets to the temperature that you set. Believe it or not, it may also help to keep any warm items away from the thermostat when you’re trying to cool down your house, and any cold items away from your thermostat when you’re trying to heat it up. After all, most thermostats are designed to bring the immediate air around them to the desired temperature. They’re not “intelligent” enough to detect the temperature in a far away room, they are only concerned with their immediate surroundings.



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