Wife gets colder much more easily than I do

They say that relationships are all about compromise.

However, one of the most important aspects of personal health is getting a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately, I very much enjoy a much lower thermostat temperature than my partner. It really seems like I can’t get to sleep unless the thermostat is at 72 degrees or lower, although I prefer it at 69 degrees. My wife thinks that’s ludicrous, and she does not budge on dropping the thermostat any lower than 75 degrees. I have offered to buy her extra blankets and extra layers in the form of any comfortable nightgown she could possibly want. She insists that that’s not good enough, and that I need to compromise on the thermostat and allow her to set it to 75 degrees. That does not sound like a compromise to me. It sounds more like giving in to her specific demands. Unfortunately, she seems to be able to tell almost immediately if I have sneaked a different, lower setting on the thermostat. She seems so incredibly susceptible to getting cold at any temperature that is lower than her preference. I’ve even tried snuggling as a pretense to make sure she’s warmer than she would be otherwise, so she doesn’t realize that I set the thermostat lower! This is the one persistent thing that we fight over quite often. There’s a lot of other ways I’m willing to compromise, but darn it! I feel like I’m entitled to being comfortable when I sleep! Unfortunately, my wife feels the same way. At least, when she’s away on a business trip, I get to sleep in completely cool and comfortable bliss!


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