Maintenance is a regular part of HVAC system ownership

Anything mechanical has a tendency to break down over time. It’s a simple fact of life. When you buy a car brand new, It can be clean, fuel efficient, and fully functional. I don’t think anyone is under the impression that it will automatically remain that way forever. Everyone seems to know that vehicles need regularly scheduled maintenance. Everything from oil changes, to tire changes, to general tune-ups are required. It is no different with your HVAC system. Any given climate control system is going to experience wear and tear over time. In fact, it’s inevitable that your HVAC system will eventually break down entirely. Good HVAC systems have a lifespan of anywhere from ten to fifteen years. The catch is, that regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary in order to get that much life out of your climate control system. There are a host of issues that are mitigated or outright avoided by having an HVAC maintenance plan that covers every aspect of maintenance that your system requires. Belts and bearings may begin to fail. Components might eventually get loose and start to rattle. Tiny fissures and cracks may begin to form, and coolant may need to be topped off. These little issues, and a host of others are just facts of life when it comes to HVAC systems. That is why it behooves an HVAC system owner to enroll in a regular maintenance plan for their system. Maintenance plans ensure that an HVAC technician will come out on a regular basis to check for any developing problems and get them under control, so that you can enjoy climate control all year round!

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