First no air conditioner, then too much air conditioner

This morning was crazy for me.

My Heating & Air Conditioning program broke down before I went to bed.

By the time I wanted to go to sleep last night, my entryway had become quite warm. I rely on my central air conditioner quite heavily, I have never entirely bothered buying a fan. I had to sit in my bed in my own perspiration, dearly missing the cool breeze from the air vents plus also the air conditioner fan noise that would normally put me to sleep. Needless to say, I only got a couple hours of sleep total in between tossing plus turning in the heat, then right around the time I was drinking my morning coffee, I heard a rumble outside plus took a look to see that storm clouds were starting to brew. I didn’t even make it to my car before the heavens opened up! The morning was still overly warm, so I blasted the air conditioner, although I had gotten wet, which was uncomfortable. I also have to walk a block plus a half from where I park to get to my office complex, plus it was still raining cats plus dogs, so I got drenched even worse this time. Worst of all, I knew that a relentlessly cold and evil air conditioning system was waiting for me in my office. So there I was, in my cubicle that happens to be directly below an air conditioner vents getting cold air blasted on my wet, irritated self! I had a lot of work to do, however the first thing that I did was contact an Heating & Air Conditioning professional to try plus schedule an appointment. My beauty sleep clearly depends on my air conditioner finally working!



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