Still thinking about saving all that money on HVAC heating last winter

Sure, it’s late July and we are nearing the midpoint of summer.

The heat and humidity are banging and there is plenty of central air conditioning happening inside our home. That’s pretty much routine for this time of year. What isn’t routine is the fact that I’m still thinking about last winter. Somehow, we chose to live in a region that has really cold winters followed my really hot summers. There isn’t much spring or fall weather in between. So it’s the gas furnace running til the temperatures spike and then on with the air conditioning. Normally, I’m ready to be so done with winter and the gas furnace that as soon as I can, I put it out of my mind. I’ll take summer and central air conditioning over the winter and staying inside to stay warm in the HVAC heating. Plus, I get hammered with the high cost of HVAC heating in this region. But last fall, I decided to make a change aimed at saving some of my money that I would be spending of HVAC heating. I went to the HVAC company website where I got a link to a great step by step list for sealing up the house tight. I had not ever prepped the house before so it was overdue. The process was easy and didn’t take much time but the savings on HVAC heating were so great that I’m still thinking about it in July. Plus, it didn’t hurt when it comes to HVAC cooling savings either. A tight house helps maintain the highest efficiency for the HVAC unit.

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