Toughest of winters made bearable with HVAC

It’s as though I get cut down just a bit more with every winter that I have to endure.

  • It’s the snow and ice and wind and cold.

It’s all of it and it is knocking me down. This is why I get an overwhelming sense of dread when I get that first really cold breeze in the fall. It makes me shudder both because it’s cold and for what it foretells. At least, I use the first cold wind to remind myself to have the HVAC tech come out to give the furnace the once over. I had such a great childhood growing up away from all this cold. There seemed like endless sunny days and blue skies where I grew up. The worst that winter could deliver was maybe forcing me to wear a sweater and jeans for a week. Oh man, I can’t believe I gave all that up. I didn’t even know what a furnace was. We only had an HVAC heat pump. Now, I get the shivers just thinking about how I’m going to handle yet another brutal winter. The snow, the ice and trying to keep it all at bay. It can just be too much for a Southern boy. There are times I walk out to shovel, take one look and walk back inside my house. It’s like what’s the point. Thankfully, the HVAC does a superb job of keeping the house warm. As long as I don’t move from my cozy spot, I’m fine. But, that just doesn’t happen now does it. I keep putting in for a transfer back to the land of the sun and blue skies. I just hope that I can make it.

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