Mechanic deserves better

It entirely kills myself and others when I see a retail worker or other menial employee being harassed by buyers for something that is outside of their control.

I was a cashier for a number of years and I was continually being yelled at by the general public for things that I had nothing to do with.

As such, I try our best to be kind and polite to all the people that I meet, no matter what the circumstances are. When I see that other folks aren’t taking the same approach with their repair workers, I tend to get pretty frustrated and protective. That’s how I wound up hiring our mechanic to be a certified heating and cooling specialist at our HVAC repair dealership last year. I was having our car worked on at the local shop because the air quality was declining. I knew that the AC method needed to be recharged so I brought the car into our number one shop for a quick inspection and cooling method update. While I was dropping off our vehicle, I overheard our mechanic being harassed by an angry purchaser because the shop was unable to repair his cooling system method to his standards. The mechanic was limited with what he could do for the cooling method because the shop only had particular device for him to use on the air quality control mechanics. It sounded love the mechanic entirely knew his way around a cooling system, and it killed myself and others that he was being treated so poorly in this industry. When I picked up our car that evening, I asked the mechanic if he might love to apprentice at our heating and cooling repair shop. Today, the mechanic turned HVAC specialist is our best air quality control specialist on the team, and he’s never been yelled at again.
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