Roof insulation is worth every penny

The people I was with and I spend money a lot of money in electric bills every year, but it’s much higher in the Wintertide and Summer weeks though, and honestly, I thought this was normal! But then I was talking to a single of our neighbors and it turns out that all of us spend money a few hundred dollars more every 2 weeks than they do; That does not make any sense, their new home is a little bit bigger than ours. Our HVAC system is new so it has a entirely high SEER rating, but my buddy advised that perhaps all of us should check out our roof insulation. He said that he once owned a new home that had exhausting roof insulation and his electric bills were through the roof, quite literally, because of it, however so when I got new home I grabbed a ladder and crawled up into the crawl space above the ceiling; You suppose what? There is really no insulation up there whatsoever! There is none over the ceiling and there is none under the roof beams. It’s just wood up there, and after climbing back down the ladder, I did a little bit of research and found out that roof installation is undoubtedly something that you want to have in your house. That’s especially tscheme in this area of the country. So I went ahead and called up a roofing company nearby. They’re going to come out on Monday and install the insulation for me. I sure hope it helps. If I can save a few hundred dollars on our electric bill, then this roof insulation will end up paying for itself In just a few weeks.


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