My property owner won’t allow window a/cs

My property owner won’t allow window a/cs in our apartment, plus I am so frustrated, and when I began renting this apartment, I observed that it didn’t have a central a/c, i didn’t expect a rental beach house to have a central a/c, then sure, if the beach house would have had an a/c, I would have been happy! However, since the a/c wasn’t present, I could undoubtedly install a few window a/cs.

I already had some a/cs that I was using in our old apartment, plus I figured that it would be truly easy to install these new a/cs.

I signed the lease, plus while I was moving in, I installed our new a/cs in the windows. When the property owner came to visit a few weeks later, he told myself and others that I had to take the a/cs out of the windows! According to him, he didn’t allow window a/cs. I was truly irritated, however first of all, there was nothing in the lease that said that I couldn’t have a window a/c, plus I didn’t believe that the property owner should have the right to say that I couldn’t use the a/cs. I was renting this house, so I should be able to do anything that I wanted with our apartment. Also, if the property owner didn’t want us to use window a/cs, then he should have installed a central a/c; This is in the South, plus a/cs were more than a luxury. Air conditioners are entirely essential for comfort in the South.



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