I have a central cooling system, but I never use it

I have a central cooling system in my house, but I literally never use it.

  • It is consistently funny when people realize that I don’t ever use my cooling system.

When I purchased this house, the home already had a central cooling system installed in the house. I didn’t really care, because I didn’t system on using the central cooling system. The central cooling system didn’t make the price too high for the house, so I didn’t think anything of it. I figured that if I ever needed to sell the home later, having a central cooling system could absolutely make the home more expensive. However, I don’t love using an cooling system, so I have literally never turned it on. At this point, I am not even sure if the cooling system genuinely works. I grew up in a current home that didn’t have an cooling system, and every one of us weren’t too terrible to have an cooling system, but my family didn’t want an cooling system. Since I had lived without an cooling system for so long, using an cooling system makes myself and others guess cold plus irritated. I consistently find it interesting that when people come to my house, they consistently tell myself and others how lucky I am to have a central cooling system. However, when they step into my house, it is blatant that I don’t use the central cooling system, then people just don’t understand why I would have a central cooling system that I never use; Maybe I will turn it on someday, but for now, I am satisfied with not using my central cooling system at all.

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