My property owner won’t maintenance my central a/c

My property owner won’t maintenance the central a/c, plus that is absolutely bothering me.

  • I was absolutely looking forward to using the central a/c, but now, I don’t even have a option in the matter.

The whole reason that I even decided to beginning renting this apartment was for the a/c. I was sleepy of using a window a/c in my house. If you have ever used a window a/c, then you suppose that it is actually not a fantastic replace for a central a/c. If you have no choice, a window a/c can be nice to use, but if you have an option, then you will absolutely constantly choose the central a/c. I was looking at many apartments, however one of the apartments was more lovely, but it didn’t have a central a/c. The other home was still nice, plus it came with a central a/c. I decided that I would rather have a central a/c since the window a/cs would make the other apartment not look as nice. However, after only a few months of residing in my new house, the central a/c stopped working, plus the property owner is taking forever to maintenance it. I am pretty sure that she isn’t going to maintenance the a/c. She brought myself and others a window a/c plus told myself and others that I would have to use that for now until she fixed the central a/c. If I would have known that I was going to have to use a window a/c anyways, I would have just rented the other apartment.

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