Karma always comes back around

I read this story about this lady who wanted to make a lot of money fast to buy a new HVAC system and pay all her bills.

She ended up faking a serious illness and was posting herself on social media for attention. She then made a gofundme page to raise money to help her with her medical bills. The messed up thing is, she never really had medical bills and this was a scam to take money from people who cared enough to donate. She ended up making over $20,000 and bought a really nice HVAC system and made some improvements to her home. Eventually, it was discovered that she never was sick in the first place and there was a serious lawsuit against her to get the money she took back. She was sued for all the money she took so that all that money could be sent back to all the people who donated. It’s really crazy the lengths some people will go to get something nice like a new HVAC system. She should have done what everybody else does for a new HVAC, and that is by working hard and saving up money. She ended up losing in the long run because she owed all that money back and had to declare bankruptcy. I seriously hope she learned her lesson not to scam people for money. She has lost all respect with the members of the community and most people who know what she did will no longer associate with her. You know what they say, karma will always come back to bite you.

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