Nutritional counseling will hopefully help my father

When my father grew up, meat and potatoes were a staple for every dinner.

  • All the meals were high in starch, butter and fat.

His mother wanted her kids to eat a big snack right before bed. She believed that a full stomach helps you sleep better. I don’t agree. Due to growing up with unhealthy eating habits, my dad suffers a lot of health and weight problems. He battles with cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and deals with constant joint pain. At the fitness center near me they provide nutritional counseling. I would like to get my dad into a nutritional program. I have tried to convince him that meat is not all that good for him and not necessary for every meal. I have tried to get him away from eating heavy potato dishes and include more vegetables and fresh fruit. He won’t listen to me. I do not want him to have serious health problems before he finally makes changes. I am hoping a personal fitness expert might get through to him. My dad needs to eat a broader variety of healthy foods. He should also cut back on the quantity he eats. Maybe after he has a health and diet plan, he could begin working out as well. When he grew up, nobody worked out or worried about physical fitness. My father made his living in construction, and his job was his only physical exertion. Now that he has retired, he does very little other than sit in a chair. I would like him to work out at least once per week. This would be a big improvement. He is set in his ways. Hopefully the core progression staff can convince him to live a healthier life.

Workout plans