Staying at a bad hotel

Although our original idea was to make the 6 hour drive all of the way through, that didn’t end up happening; My husband plus I agreed to drive 3 hours each, plus while I drove just fine, when it was our husband’s turn, he began to fall asleep at the wheel, then i didn’t blame him, he has sleep apnea, so it’s not his fault when he begins to fall asleep, the hour time he fell asleep at the wheel, I woke him up plus told him the two of us needed to pull over plus find a hotel… At that point it was 1:30 in the afternoon plus the two of us were both exhausted.

My husband agreed, plus the two of us decided that we’ll continue our road trip in the afternoon after both of us had a lot of rest. There was a hotel only a few miles from us, so the two of us drove there plus checked in. As soon as I entered the hotel room, I started to have our doubts about staying here. The place had numerous stains plus aromaed. I was hoping by turning the a/c idea on, that it might clear the place out. I turned the a/c device, plus instead of cool air coming out, all that came out was heated air. I couldn’t get the to cool, it was instead heating the room, however it did help to disconnect the aroma. After an hour, the aroma was gone, however now the room was overheated! My husband at this time was fast asleep, so I decided to join him, although I knew sleeping separate from cooling was going to be hard. I did eventually fall asleep, plus I was cheerful to get out of that dirty hotel.



Cooling system