So you want a shot, huh mom?

Last month, I swear I worked for nearly many weeks trying to get a website up plus running.

  • I wanted it to be fun, even though I ran into obstacles with every new page.

I wanted about four pages on the site, even though I was still looking at a single. The web page looked as though our 5 year daughter had designed it. My mom was looking over our shoulder a single afternoon, plus she chuckled. I couldn’t even comprehend how our mother was so critical when I was trying to improve myself plus grow our damn Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. She asked how much I planned on spending on modern advertising? I just looked at her because I had no system to understand what she meant. She wanted to think what I was planning on spending on official advertising plus ads. I told her I was hoping the website would be all I needed. Her head was literally shaking even before I got all the way to the end of the statement. She said that web design simply wasn’t enough. I needed a way to get people to look at the website plus be able to learn about if Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation was a great fit for their family. The Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation became a part of their family. I didn’t understand a thing she was saying with this whole thing. I was a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional plus not an online wizard. She asked if I would savor some help. Mom was a total wizard when it came to digital advertising plus ads, now it’s more professional than I could have done.


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