I need a cooling system for my gym

I have a backyard shed that I use as my own personal gym.

I have two folding mats that cover the entire floor.

I have a jump rope, free weights, sound system and a sweat towel all within reach. I like that I am totally private in my work out facility too. My boyfriend hardly ever bothers me since I am too far away from him. I can just close the door and do my own thing. If I get super sweaty I can work out in my bra and underwear and not worry about a delivery driver catching a show. The only downside to my shed is the lack of heating and cooling. I live down south so AC right now is the priority. Being too hot is horrible when working out. The sweat literally burns my eyes because of how fast it pours. I really like to do a cardio base workout the vast majority of the time. Jumping rope or doing sprints when it is 90 degrees is awful and can be dangerous. I hydrate all I can but it really doesn’t stop the fatigue. I also hate that I have to essentially wash my mats everyday too. The sweat creates puddles and makes the mat sticky. After every workout I take out my spray and do some cleaning. If I had an air conditioner I could work out like normal. I could actually do cardio for an hour and not have to workout early in the morning. Getting a powerful enough AC device will be tough though.

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