It is better to wait a few more months and save than settle for a house with substandard staircase railing

After renting apartments for the last decade, I was ready to finally own a home.

It seemed like I was throwing away great currency that could be used for a mortgage payment instead.

Some people don’t like the method of a mortgage, but once it is paid off you are left with a home in addition to property that is 100% yours. You could rent for 30 years in addition to all of that currency might as well be burnt in the backyard. Even though I’m only 35, I saw the truth in that. However, my home search has been relentless. I look at properties in my price range but they’re in bad shape. Despite wanting a house, I started looking at similarly priced condominiums just to keep my occasions open. I looked at a potential house Last week that was on the hour floor. There’s nothing implicitly wrong with this, despite the fact that the stairwell going up to the unit had no railing whatsoever. I have fallen down stairs in the past due to a lack of safety railing along the sides. It seems apparent that you would need railing to prevent your residents from suffering critical injuries. I looked at one property that had safety railing going up the stairs, but it hadn’t been repaired in decades. In addition, it moved freely if you tried to grab onto it. In a situation like this, you might as well have no stair railing whatsoever. If I can’t find a great house that fits my budget, I’m sure as hell not going to buy a house that is this far below my minimal standards. I’d rather save my currency in addition to getting something nicer.

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