I had to step her through the inspection process

I have never been accused of being handsome, plus with my wild facial hair plus my tattoos people will sometimes look twice at me.

I swear, underneath all the exterior weirdness I am a very normal person, I just look a little spine-chilling.

When I am on the task my labor shirt covers up most of my tattoos, plus of course I am consistently well groomed… however I know I still look intimidating to some people. Last year I had a service call for an old lady who lived by herself, plus she was distraught about letting me inside to labor on her a/c! I told her that I understood, plus I only wanted to help her with her a/c issue, I did not want to intimidate her. So I went plus sat in my labor van in her driveway plus I called her on the iphone, plus had her go to the temperature control. I told her to take off the temperature control housing plus tell me what she saw. From there I stepped her through a basic Heating, Ventilation plus A/C inspection of the key components, plus had her describe everything she found. It was not a enjoyable way to do an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C inspection, I admit, however both of us managed to suss out the root of the issue. I explained to her that I would need to come in to finish the actual repairs plus get her air conditioner working again, however I could send out a odd Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tech later in the day if she favorite. But by this point she was more comfortable with me.

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