Air quality is my speciality

My little sister had debilitating asthma when she was a kid.

She still does, actually, but now she has the resources to fight it and lead a normal life.

When you are a member of a poor rural family as a child, and you have neither money nor medical insurance, things are not so easy as “going to see the doctor.” My sister spent her whole childhood inside, she even did homeschooling before it was fashionable, because her lungs were too weak and frail to handle the high pollen levels and allergens in the air. She is in fact the reason that I am currently an HVAC technician, because I started this path looking for ways to help her. My speciality is in air purity and air quality, which means I leave the H and the AC to the other techs so I can specialize on the V for ventilation. The exchange of air, and the purification of the air, is the most important aspect of HVAC work. The air quality is directly related to your health, not just your comfort. Air filters, reverse osmosis and other purification techniques serve to reclaim and recycle the air in the healthiest of ways. Because of what I went through with my sister, I am not the kind of air purity expert they call to work on the HVAC systems of operating rooms and scientific labs. It pays well, but the main reason I like my job with this HVAC company is that I feel like I am making a difference in the lives, and the health, of our clients .

a/c rep