You and your HVAC technician should always have a maintenance plan

When we moved last summer, I thought my life would be over. I had to leave all of my friends and start at this new school that didn’t even have lockers. My dad said that we had to cut back on spending money, so I had to get a dumb job just to make a little extra money for my weekly trip to the mall. I couldn’t even find a job at the mall, so I had to get an embarrassing job as a receptionist at an air conditioning and heating business. I couldn’t dare to be seen wearing a hideous polo with an HVAC company name on it, so I always changed my shirt before and after work so no one knew. Working at an air conditioning company is pretty boring for the most part, but occasionally we have a rowdy customer come in to complain. Last week a woman came in to complain about the technician that installed her air conditioner two months prior. She was basically saying that her air filters needed to be replaced, and that he never told her that. I explained that air filters can be replaced by the homeowner and that the technician did not need to come out to do it. Technicians always offer clients a custom maintenance plan if they want them to do all of the maintenance and repairs, but she opted out of that service. She complained to me and my manager about how awful our company was and how she would be finding a new HVAC company to do business with. I honestly couldn’t care less because she was being rude.

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