A rabbit got loose at our HVAC facility.

A bunny got loose at our HVAC warehouse and gave us a lot of problems.

I was cleaning one of the zone controlled heating units when I saw a bunny hop behind a few central air conditioners.

I tried to catch the bunny but it escaped and ran into the window air conditioner aisle. I called some of my HVAC technician friends that were in the other room trying to fix a hot water boiler. They came in and together we chased this bunny all through the heating and cooling warehouse. I noticed when I stood behind the central air conditioners, three of the central a/c units had their power cords chewed through. I then began going through every aisle in the HVAC warehouse and found that some hot water boilers, some zone controlled heating systems, and even some window air conditioners had their cords chewed through! Now I was determined to catch that bunny before it chewed through anymore HVAC cords! All of the cooling experts worked together to form a circle around the bunny in the hot water boiler aisle. Finally, the HVAC bunny was caught and detained. We decided to keep the animal in a large cage in the office of the heating and cooling warehouse as a pet and we named him smart thermostat since he was such a smart and mischievous bunny. Since smart thermostat was not a very easy name to say, we all called him smart or thermostat for short. We even gave the rabbit treats that were like the air conditioner and furnace cords he had chewed thoroughly before and he loved them.


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