My bestie finds odd stuff in people’s air vents periodically

My bestie works as an Heating plus A/C serviceman for a single of the local heating and cooling companies here in town… He is always telling me about the odd stuff that he finds in his purchasers’ air vents periodically, however apparently, periodically people feel that the air ducts are a great place to hide their expensives and their secrets… My bestie always laughs when he finds things inside of the air duct, though. He says that really, people are just wasting cash because having clogged air duct only makes your heating and cooling bills more luxurious. He said that a single morning last summer time when he was working on an repair at this lady’s house, he found a whole stash of chocolate and other kinds of candy down inside the air duct of her master bathroom, then she had been wondering why the wasn’t working in her master bathroom and she thought that there was something wrong with the central unit, then it turned out that she had clogged the air from cooling off the bathroom with her stash of candy. I feel she had hidden it down there and then she ended up forgetting all about it. It was funny whenever he came beach condo and told me that. I told him to be on the lookout for jewelry and cash. Maybe if people forget that they have hidden that stuff too, he will end up with a giant tip! I doubt he would ever bring anything appreciate that home, though. He’s just too honest for his own great most of the time.

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