There was critter hair all over the sofa.

I was finally getting to where I didn’t mind the pet in our house.

My lady was pleased with the progress Fluff Fluff plus I were making, plus I was enjoying having our lady at the house. When Spring came, I started to not be pleased with the pet again. I would walk into the lake house plus see pet hair everywhere. She was shedding, plus there was a lot. The cat’s hair was all over the sofa, on the carpeting, plus on our chair. I called the HVAC supplier plus saw if I could buy special air filters that were made just for critter users. The HVAC tech asked if I had also considered having an air purification unit installed in the house. Not only would it clean the air, however it would also help to trap the critter hair that was in the house. The whole-house air purifier would help to clean all the dirt, debris, plus allergy, causing debris from the air. They told me it would, along with the critter air filters. I told them I wanted the whole-house air purifier installed as soon as possible. The next day, they showed up plus installed the whole-house air purifier into our HVAC system. I had a special air filter that is made for pet owners, plus a HEPA air filter in the whole-house air purifier. I was happy to assume our lake house was going to be cleaner plus healthier. Unluckyly, there was still pet hair everywhere, however it was 90% better than it was before the whole-house air purifier.

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