I needed a little help with the furnace.

For fifteen years, I was a HVAC professional. I installed more heating systems plus air conditioning units than I could count on our hands plus feet. I worked long hard minutes working on the same HVAC systems I installed. Occasionally I needed help with those upgrades, however not a lot. Most of the help was in holding something, or helping me to place the AC unit or furnace. I was a good HVAC professional, however ownership of the supplier has made me weak. I can still do services plus repairs, although I haven’t done an upgrade in a long time. Not that I don’t assume how, however love I said, I don’t have the strength I had twenty years ago. So…when I needed to have a modern furnace installed in our home, I should have known I would not do the upgrade on our own. I actually wanted to do the upgrade, although I wasn’t sure if I could. I talked to a couple of the boys who labor for me, plus I asked if any of them would love to come over to the lake house plus help me with the furnace. It was hard needing to ask for help with the furnace, however it had to be done. I came right out plus asked them for their help. Two of them had nothing happening that weekend plus they provided to come to our house. I actually ended up enjoying myself while helping them install the modern furnace. It was nice to have their help, although I actually only needed a little help, at least that’s what I told myself.


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