I preferred central air conditioning over ductless air conditioning.

My wife and I moved out of our house and temporarily moved into an apartment.

We had a small house fire, but it was enough that we couldn’t live there for about six months.

The fire spread through the floors and walls and destroyed our house, even though it appeared untouched from the outside. We had to have all the walls and flooring removed, a new electrical system, new roofing, and all new ductwork installed into the house. We then had a new central air conditioning unit and furnace installed. While we lived in the apartment, all of this was happening in our home. I liked the apartment, but the HVAC system wasn’t all that great. We moved in at the end of winter and moved out at the end of summer. We ran the heating and the air conditioning. Although the apartment was smaller, the HVAC never worked well. They had a ductless HVAC system in the apartment, and I did not like it. Every room had its own HVAC system. I wasn’t comfortable, no matter which room I was in. The air blew from the air vent, but there wasn’t anything to push the heating or air conditioning around. I was eager to get out of the apartment, and I couldn’t wait to get back into my home. I wanted to get back to the comfort of my home and the HVAC system that we both loved. It thrilled my wife when we finally got notification that we could move back in at the end of the month.

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