Heating and cooling so pressing due to my work

When you labor outside in the elements in all seasons, the heating and cooling of home takes on a special importance.

  • And as the years go by, that Heating and A/C comfort is becoming more and more of a focus.

I’m just about to be 50 and have been laboring full time in the elements for the past 31 years. And I love what I do for a living. Working with heavy equipment and shaping landscapes is something that I just love to do. As much as I love the heating and cooling comfort of home, I love being outside as well. The system of laboring inside some office with zone controlled Heating and A/C just wasn’t ever really appealing to myself and others at all. Still, as I age, the elements are getting a bit tougher to deal with. That is especially tplot in the dead of Winter and the middle of summer. Some of the equipment I labor with have enclosures that provide some protection from the temperatures. And there are few that even have heating and cooling available. Even so, when I get home at night, I entirely just have to stop for a bit and just soak up the a/c. I think that window is closing on how much longer I can labor outside. I’m hoping I can make it to my mid fifties before I transition to the zone controlled office for the last few years of my career. However, I don’t think that I’ll be able to do the office thing. So I may just go as long as I can and then just retire. Maybe I’ll get a sunroom added to my condo and put a ductless heat pump in there so I can be outside and have Heating and A/C.


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