My brother thinks he can predict the weather

Everyone tried to talk my brother out of a August ceremony… After all, it’s extremely humid as well as unreasonably hot while in the month of August.

My brother had his heart set on a beach ceremony with waves as well as sand in all of the pictures.

It sounded nice in theory, however it would have been a much better experience while in the month of September or November. My brother as well as his fiance rented a substantial tent to place on the beach. The ceremony as well as the reception was held inside of the tent. My brother thought there would be enough breeze from the ocean to keep almost everyone comfortable. I tried to talk to my brother as well as his fiance. I even provided to rent them several portable A/C units, at a low-cost. I am the assistant supervisor for a substantial Heating as well as Air Conditioning products supplier. The two of us rent several portable A/C units, as well as I was ready to give my brother a wonderful deal. I provided to get his one for every coroner of the tent, but he insisted that the bulky machines would look awful as well as he refused to listen to the weather report. Three days before the ceremony, the temperature was forecasted to be in the triple digit range. Without any portable A/C machines, the ceremony was a complete as well as total disaster. Most of the guests left before the reception even started as well as that cake melted all over the table! Everyone tried to tell my brother that the heat would ruin his perfect day. Even though the two of us did not want to be right, that is exactly what occurred on that hot as well as humid day.



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